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Welcome to my web site.


I enjoy the written word, I may be in the minority on that issue.  On this site, you will find my observations on current events or whatever I feel like writing about, these will be updated around the 1st and 15th of each month.  I try to keep these around 500 words and always limit myself to one hour from the time I begin to the final draft, so if you see something I missed or messed, be sure to comment. 
Lastly, please check out the first 3 chapters of my novel,The Conversion Factor.  By all means, after you read it, let me know what you think.
Be sure to click back often, perhaps more of The Conversion Factor will be here.  Make sure you tell others about what you read here.  I will sometimes try to be controversial, if for no other reason than to get people blogging and creative juices flowing.

Silver Lining?

Is there a silver lining to the Supreme
Court decision on Obamacare?
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"Crazy Like A Fox?"

Feb 22, 2011


Who is the radical?
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"The AHA Moment"

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